Truth-telling: AIIJ Investigative Journalism Fellowship sets new standards

The tranquil shores of Lake Victoria provide the backdrop for a crucial gathering of investigative journalists, ready to journey into the heart of democracy and human rights reporting.

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Entebbe’s Country Lake Resort, a group of dedicated journalists are embarking on a transformative journey, propelled by the inaugural Annual Investigative Journalism Fellowship.

The initiative, led by the African Institute for Investigative Journalism and generously funded by USAID, marks a turning point in the field of journalism. With Uganda’s 2026 general elections around the corner, the need for rigorous and ethical reporting has never been greater.

Over the course of the three-day immersion, participants engage in a wide range of sessions designed to sharpen their skills and strengthen their resolve. From the fundamentals of democracy and governance to the complex art of digital election reporting, each session serves as a compass to guide journalists through the complex terrain of investigative journalism.

Ethical journalism takes centre stage as participants face the onerous responsibility of carrying a pen with integrity and precision. The importance of responsible journalism resonates through the resort’s corridors, as seasoned senior mentors pass on invaluable knowledge gleaned from years of navigating the ethical labyrinth of journalism.

In an age dominated by data, journalists are harnessing the power of information through data journalism. Armed with analytical tools and a keen eye for patterns, they are digging out truths hidden under layers of statistical obscurity.

However, the journey to journalistic excellence extends beyond the sphere of news alone. Media management, entrepreneurship and sustainability are emerging as key pillars for strengthening the journalistic landscape in the run-up to the elections. With the advent of digital storytelling, journalists find themselves on the verge of a new frontier, where the fusion of technology and storytelling prowess unlocks unprecedented possibilities for engagement and impact.

As the sun sets over Lake Victoria, a sense of camaraderie permeates the air, forged by shared experiences and a collective dedication to the noble pursuit of truth. Digital safety and security are steadfast sentinels guarding against the dangers of an increasingly volatile digital landscape.

Against the backdrop of Uganda's 2026 elections, investigative journalists are exploring the fundamentals of ethical journalism, navigating the complexities of democracy, human rights and data journalism as part of the inaugural annual AIIJ Investigative Journalism Fellowship.

In the melting pot of Country Lake Resort, journalists are seen not just as observers, but as guardians of democracy and human rights. Armed with knowledge and fortified by camaraderie, they are ready to navigate the stormy waters of the journalistic landscape with unshakeable determination and unfailing integrity. For in their hands lies the power to enlighten, inspire and bring about lasting change in the quest for a fairer and more equitable society.

By RUYANGE Jean-Fraterne

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